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November 9, 2011

Evolution & Elevation of the Soul, by: Terry Christopher

Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.  

Edwin Hubbel Chapin

 As we walk our path in this life and if we are aware of the world beyond our own existence, it means that we are not only taking in our own experience but we are also taking in the experiences of those around us. If we look for the opportunities that are presented in each day of our journey, we will find ample opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as the spiritually rich souls each of is.

It is through that self-examination of the lessons that come our way, that we will find some of the greatest growth, joy and harmony when we step out of ourselves in order to elevate someone else’s day or experience. What is ironic about lifting someone else up with assistance, praise, or friendship is that we are actually elevating ourselves at the same time.

We each are blessed with a set of skills and talents and no one person is identical to another person’s God-given gifts. Think if we all took our gifts, bathed them in compassion, understanding, hope and generosity, what we would then be able to do to lift each other up to a higher place of living, learning, growing and evolving soulfully. We each have that ability, but we don’t realize it until much later in life if at all. The reason that this very basic life principle is missed is because it is simply overlooked.

We think of others that we care about and that are close to us on Birthdays, holidays and what have you, but have you ever thought about doing something that effects people you don’t know. Step outside of the world we each have built and ask yourself how can you elevate someone that is in need, someone that is lonely, someone that has fallen on hard times. It is actually very possible to live the life each of us dreams while also being aware of others and lifting them up making sure that each and every soul is nourished, nurtured, encouraged and inspired.

Each life is unique and each experience in the evolution of the soul is singular in its growth and evolutionary value. However, we are all born from the love and light of our Creator and will assuredly return to that light having been lifted higher and higher by the good deeds of our soul’s life school experience. Each day holds in it another set of lessons that are bursting to be learned. Embrace the lessons of your life and enjoy the path while seeking the answers that will elevate you while lifting up others around you.

Dream. Reach. Live. Do.

Terry Christopher

Terry Christopher

Terry, a regular guest blogger for Rousing Rowena, is a New York based, award winning singer-songwriter, and I am a fan of his as well as a friend.   I always love his contributions and greatly appreciate him for breathing some life into good old Auntie Ro at at time when she greatly needed it, and for, as always, capturing the true spirit of what Rowena is all about!  

For more information about Terry and his music please click on Terry Christopher.

Now go out and live your extraordinary life, knowing that I still love you.   I have been busy with many things these past couple of months - thus the period of silence.  As a perpetual student of life, I have learned some powerful lessons and have some beautiful things to share with you that I will be posting soon!  

  “Earth: We are all on this thing together.”