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Hello, my name is Ro, and I believe that it is possible for you to turn your ordinary life into an extraordinary life - to find true happiness, while remaining, selfless, mindful and compassionate towards other living beings. Here at my blog, I interview and post articles by musicians, writers, world travelers, humanitarians and other amazing individuals who are doing just that. I also share with you various anecdotes about my own totally awesome existence as a musician, composer, journalist, environmentalist, and compassionati. My hope is to connect with you, enlighten you, inspire you and lead you down the path to true happiness. Compassion is always in fashion and it starts with you loving that most important of people, yourself.

December 20, 2010

Living Beyond Extraordinary - Update on Ro's Interviewees and Contributors, 2010

As we approach the end of this very eventful year, I wanted to update you on all of my contributors and interviewees from 2010.   Every single one of them is up to something special and all of them are still pursuing their passions with tremendous results.  Come on in, share in their awesomeness . . . lets take at peak at what's happening with them now:

Mt. Rose, by:   Bucky (Little Buck) Harjo
Bucky proclaimed the above photo to be his best of 2010.   When asked why he responded: 

Because I lived to tell about her beauty, after all these year's, I now know of her true essence of beauty and that I made it to the top, not when I was young, but this time of my life, before I journeyed home I wanted one last view, before the sunset on this day.

Bucky continues to experience first hand, the beauty and the wonder of nature, and to take take amazing photographs such as this:

And this:
Any my favorite, this:

Thanks for the inspiration Bucky! 

Album Cover - The Electric Sky
Babu's latest album The Electric Sky has been remastered - get ready to ready to rock n' roll!  You can purchase it by clicking here:  The Electric Sky.   Incidentally, here is an awesome video of Sea Minor from the album.  The song is not electronica incidentally, it is processed voice and guitar.   Ingenious Babu and I will be ordering my own copy. Keep on rockin!

My Favorite Vagabond
When I peaked in on Regina this morning, her mother and sister were visiting her in Istanbul.  Seems as though the wanderlust has become contagious. . .  next time, take me, take me!  Regina has applied for her residency permit after five and a half years of being on a tourist visa, and should have it in pocket soon.  Regina describes Istanbul as a gorgeous foresty European city - and not the land of sand, desert and camels we learned to expect from watching cartoons - which is why it is best to get out and experience life just like Reggie is, instead of wasting away in front of the T.V., whilst the media pumps your mind full of all kinds of non-facts.    Hope to see you next time you are in California, or even better yet hope that I can visit you sometime.  Hugs and Kisses to you and your family.

P.S.  I just jumped in here to edit this blog after having posted it yesterday because I found out that Regina is now engaged!   Much love to Regina and her beloved!

Album Cover - Many Paths
I am pleased to announce that Lorrie has recently released her new album Many Paths.  You can purchase it by clicking here:  Many Paths I am ordering my copy and cannot wait to receive it.   Meanwhile, I continue to be inspired by Lorrie's album, Second Wind of which I have a copy.  I listen to it while reading, meditating and relaxing, while burning my favorite aromatherapy candles.   Beautiful Lorrie.

Believe, Dream, Simplify!  Annette's Fresh Herb Garden
Annette's business Tivo Dinner Chef is thriving as a result of her amazing culinary talents, her good business sense and most of all her passion and unwavering pursuit of her dream.  I believe in you Annette! Oh how I wish we didn't live on opposite coasts - the food looks so incredibly yummy!   Incidentally, please put me on the list next time for some of those fresh strawberry preserves:
Annette's Fresh Strawberry Preserves
Donna Narvaez, Philanthropist, Businesswoman

Donna has been busy with her family as well as her business Westlake Village Florist, which is a shop fundraiser for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  She is currently fundraising for the  2011 Avon Walk, in which she will walk for two days, 39 miles, helping to forever alter the the lives of thousands affected by breast cancer world wide.  2011 will be Donna's twelfth consecutive Avon Walk, and she will be walking this year in memory of her Aunt Dar, who sadly lost her own battle with breast cancer a few weeks ago. In Donna's own words:

"My Aunt Dar lost her battle with breast cancer a few weeks ago. I am dedicating 
the 2011 walk in Santa Barbara California in her Memory.   She is and remains my Angel. 
God Bless all of the walkers, survivors and families who are walking and supporting the 
Avon Walk for breast cancer.
Donna  has been working out, going to the gym and cross training.  Right now the rain has been keeping her inside, but is looking forward to starting her serious training in March, which normally involves walking from 8 to 10 miles, two days a week in addition to going to the gym and cross training.  Donna has also done some volunteering for a man that needs a kidney transplant and involving herself in various other volunteer opportunities.   She said she is trying to figure out how it is that she can open a soup kitchen.  How cool is that?   Keep on keeping up the good fight Donna . . . and God bless you!

Book Cover - Belfast Girls
 Gerry McCullough's book Belfast Girls has been published!   It is now available at Amazon.com in both paperback and on kindle and you can purchase it by clicking here:  Belfast Girls.    I just finished reading the book and simply could not put it down.  A real page turner!   Meanwhile, Gerry had a fantastic book launch party, has been interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster's, Arts Extra programme, and on the Gerry Anderson Show, and is getting all kinds of awesome press.  Congratulations Gerry, and I hope there will be a sequel!

Album Cover - United For the Ride Vol. I
Terry recently announced that the United For The Ride Vol. I CD supporting Braking the Cycle & the LGBT Center of NYC's HIV/AIDS programs is still in the Top 20 on Outvoice monthly music chart at #12.  Another great album in Ro's collection of music incidentally, and the songs are also on my iPod too for when I go walkies - this album always has my vote!  If you haven't gotten your copy, you can purchase it by clicking here:  United For The Ride Vol. I and know that you will be supporting an incredible cause!   In his customary manner of giving and caring, Terry has recently been quite busy coordinating the Thankful Giving - Second Annual Winter Clothing Drive, which goal is to bring new and gently used winter clothing to Sylvia's Place, a homeless youth shelter service for the LGBTQI community ages 16 to 23.  As of December 15, 2010, they had already collected 45 bags of clothing, toiletries and bedding.   Due to the huge amount of interest, this event has been extend to January 15, 2011!  If you don't live in the NYC area, monetary contributions may be sent to:  
MCCNY Homeless Youth Services
Ms. Frances Wood
446 West 36th St.
NY, NY 10018
Awesome Terry!  Keep on living and loving life!

Album Cover - No DesPair

On December 1, Achim released his new classic rock album No Despair.  You can purchase it by clicking here:  No Despair. He has a whole bunch of other projects in the works as well, and hopes this spring to release a new solo album to be entitled "Psychonaut."   I am personally looking forward with great anticipation, to a joint project that he told me he is working on with his fiancee - artist Kateřina Šťastná, which he describes as a unique combination of her drawings and paintings, mixed with his poetry and music, to be entitled "Talking Places."  Achim also recently made a guest performance on a debut CD of the german band "Lava Machine", doing a Thin Lizzy cover of "Cold Sweat".   He is also working with his italian friend Marco on an acoustic instrumental project entitled "The Spanish Archers" as well as a "Nightwish" kind of song with italian singer Ida Elena de Razza.  Keep spreading the love and the light Achim!

Good Old Auntie Ro on Keyboards
I am back in our studio, Quail Studios this month, writing some new music, which I will be recording together with my husband Tim after the first of the year.   I am also working on a showcase of original work as well as covers to be performed.  Incidentally (because I keep forgetting to tell you) you can purchase my music for 99 cents per song here:  Quail Music.  Speaking of performances, I am playing keyboards with the cover band, Hot Property and will be sure to let you know when and where  so you can come on down and see us if you are in the area.  

I will, of course, continue to write this blog, which readership has doubled each month since it began, thanks to your graciousness in spreading the word.  As part of my blog I will be doing some interviews of like-minded and very cool bloggers that I have connected with, and networking with them as well.  

So basically, I will be pursuing my passions like a madwoman, seeking enlightenment and remembering to be grateful - well for everything!

Now go out and pursue your passions.  Embrace this time in your life, whether you are young, old or in between, experience beauty first hand, climb that mountain - even if you don't make it all the way to the top before your final journey home, you will see and experience wondrous things, and you will find true happiness in the experience!  

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