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April 18, 2011

Come as You Are, By: Terry Christopher

Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.

Charles Dickens

I am pleased to present another amazing guest post by my friend and regular guest blogger Terry Christopher.   Read on dear ones and enjoy what he has to say about the blessings of true friendship!  Ro.

  I have some friends back home in Vegas who recently got together (I got to live vicariously through their re-connecting) and each time that we connect in some way, I think we reveal even more the value of friendship to each other. We have each had some of the most sweeping highs of life and some of the most devastating lows. But each time be it good times or bad and when the dust settles, we are all standing by each other…still…after all this time. The key of the success treasured and valued friendships is to roll with the punches for and with each other and carry on.

There is something to be said for history and friends who have traveled the long smooth path with us. There is something even greater spoken for those that have weathered all of that plus the painful, uncomfortable, ridiculous, soul-crushing and sometimes mind bending experiences that this life can bring to us. The one thing that is consistent about such “LIFELONGERS” as I call my tried and true friends, is that we all accept each other for who we are and we show up to these friendships very much in the mindset of Come As You Are. We contribute to these friendships and we also take from these friendships. We support and offer support, love, understanding absent of judgment, ridicule, or being taken for granted. We Come As We Are. Each of us have these very special connections in our lives and all you have to do is look across the landscape of your own life to find them. Some friends are newer and younger in duration and some have been around since our childhood. The length of a friendship is immaterial, but rather it is the quality of the friendship that determines and defines its place in our world and along our path.

Each of us is valued as we are and as we come; nothing more and nothing less.  Friendship is a celebration of people who understand, nurture, nourish, support and accept each other as they are without judgment, without ridicule or taking each other for granted. This journey is only as good as we are willing to allow it to be. Be surrounded by good people and good friends to enjoy this amazing journey to its fullest potential each day we walk our path. Why would any of us choose otherwise? Come as you are.

Dream. Reach. Live. Do.
-Terry Christopher

 Ro's notes:

Terry, a regular guest blogger for Rousing Rowena, is a New York based, award winning singer-songwriter.  I value his friendship and love his music too.   I hope that you enjoyed his most recent contribution as much as I have.   His contributions to this blog are always from the heart, very positive and extremely inspiring!    For more information about Terry and his music please click on Terry Christopher.

Now go out and live your extraordinary life, knowing that I love you!   Ro 

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